Players delete other players props

ok im having this weird problem. me and my bro are trying to play a lan game, and its like we are playing on the same computer. when i hit z, it undoes the last thing anyone did. and same thing for him. so if i make a jeep, and then my bro hits z on his computer, it deletes my jeep. why is this happening!!? plz help

The problem is that you’re playing on a LAN game. I think getting a prop protection mod might solve this problem.

I can play LAN games without prop protection and it’s fine.
The only time I’ve ever heard of this happening is if you’re both using the same steam account or if you don’t have a legal version of garrysmod, in which case you should buy it from

This only happens with pirated GMod. :colbert:

Go buy the game it’s 10$ ffs.

Did you buy it?

yes i bought it, but im using the same steam account in offline mode and with hamachi. will this prop protection thing work?

No. You both have the same steamid.