Players Destroying Public Mining Quarrys

Hello everybody I would like to inform Garry and all of you that players are destroying the mining quarrys at the warehouses and they are not spawning back thank you.

I would suggest giving those quarrys the ability to respawn and regenerate so that said players [del]continue to waste their time and properly piss off![/del] enjoy their fun. :slight_smile:

Another thing is that the “static” quarries do not spawn with the new foundations, and also the stairs on the new foundations are not very nice to get up unless you walk up the railing part.

That’s the point.

It’s been fixed, hard to say if it will show up or not before the wipe patch on the 3rd.

I think it might have been in Petur’s fix bag

You think so? What is the intended purpose of stairs that make you jump over the last step? I never would have considered this to be intentional.

See, this is moreso a little thing called “strategy”. They get the easy contents first, they destroy the quarries so no one else has it easy. In this case where its a video game, “public” doesn’t mean that everyone is going to just politely use it.

While it’s “strategy” it’s also being a dick and helping to kill a server as new players who come in a few days after a wipe have a much harder time getting started.

Everyone in rust wants to shit on the little guy and then complains that servers die in pop after 2-3 weeks…it’s amazing lol

You have a point, but that is really the only goal in Rust. To thrive you have to annihilate everyone else. This leads to people who don’t want to rebuild leaving the server. It’s honestly a catch 22.

Players destroying mining quarries is bad, but what about the vandalism being perpetrated by the devs themselves on the Linux client? They destroyed it and I can’t get it to respawn either.

The public…or community…or whatever… quarries, research tables, and whatever else should have the some setting like the PVE servers where if you try to damage them, the damage is reflected back.

Maybe even in the whole no build radius there is no PVP allowed, everywhere else is fair game.