Players do not want to play on the official servers

Dear game developers
I 'm 4 months play Rust and I like this game, but a huge number of cheaters destroy your online on the official servers. Here’s a video with the deaths of cheaters, which proves my words. Cutting was recorded in two days in the game. Please, make me an administrator, so I will keep kilter on the server. Recording the reasons for kicks or bans I guarantee to provide. I promise not to misuse the administrator’s capabilities and continue to play as a normal player.
(text was translated with Google translator. ignore the errors :slight_smile:

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Sending reports can not be - their cheats hide nicks in the players list and we can’t find their SteamID

If the amount of reports that are incorrectly posted here on the forums are any indication, the official servers still have plenty of people playing even with all the cheaters.

If they were to appoint admins to frequent the official servers, it is incredibly unlikely they’d make someone asking on the forum into an admin. A guy going" hey, there too many haxors, make me admin!" is very likely to go mad with power and make thing worse.

Yes you are right. I’m almost sure its not impossible, but I agree to any inspections.
The number of players has falls palpably: a month ago there were huge queues after a wipe, but now is not reached even 150 people at the weekend

nvm :slight_smile: waterbucket is more important than clear the servers from hackers :wink:
the devs have their priorities ;D