Players Emlems

I have one simple idea - player emblem. Sometimes when i play with my freind, i don’t know who is this person, who’s waiting in front of my home’s doors. Emblems will very helpful to identification with freinds. In addition, it is proposed to add a banner, flag to be able to also identify homes. I know it’s some contraindications in this idea. (for example “players have this same emblems” or something like that)

I just going to make indentification with freinds easier.

custom clothes would be great
also signs that you can write on

Or maybe Party indicator in the HUD that can only be activated with a special item, like a Radio. It would tell you where the player is, or highlight him.

Parties, clothes, signs, lights, etc. Would be great.

I’d love to see something like this as well, a way to make a party and you’d see your friends names or an icon above their head which would always be visible in the distance. I doubt we’ll get this kind of feature any time soon though.