Players killed vs Zombies killed ratio

So about 188,248 Zombies Killed Which means and 140,947 Murders Which I am guessing is PVP deaths (Raids, Bandits And KOSers) Which means that for every player that is killed by another player about **1.34 **Zombies Are killed. I think this is a really low ratio, What are your thoughts on this?


Its a PVP survival game. The zombies are just something on the side.

Not really, The main objective is to survive, and without PVP you could get all the items from PVP

Yeah. But lets be honest, you’re not playing this game to just survive. You’re playing it for the PVP aspect. Same thing goes for DayZ. You’re not going to play DayZ or Rust by yourself. Because there’s no rush, enjoyment, etc. in that. The PVP in both games is what drives it. Or should I say the engagement with other players is what drives them.

Or you can become a hero

Noobie —> Survivor -----> Hero ----> Killed by a noobie/bandit

You could not be more wrong. I sometimes play by myself or with a group of do-gooders who don’t look for PVP, just expansion and having fun. We rarely commit to PVP unless we see un-rightful acts committed on other plays, or someone decides to continuously attack the fort/towers/doors/barricades. In the end, not everyone is a 12 year old looking for a COD quick-match.

It’s mostly just KOS, alongside the rare good Samaritan.

For the longest time I ran a friendly camp. We didn’t KOS unless they were known bandits.

We’ve deviated away from that and have become more neutral than friendly.

Then you have a less chance of being raped by a noobie, Good on you.

Actually 1.34 zombies killed is pretty high, you have to think about other survival games similar to these that have zombies, usually zombies are not killed unless needed to be, in this game zombies are killed for a reason. It’s a pretty good ratio.

In a zombie survival game zombies should be more than something on the side for you to play with, 1.34 is rather low, if you actually look at DayZ i’d say the amount of zeds killed to players is probably 60+:1 on a lot of servers.

Most servers on dayz are lucky if they have a 1:1 ratio, at least any that I have been on, there is just simply no reason to kill them. I’m just going based on personal experience though.

I bet you’re 1 of those kids that logs from zombies huh?

I tried my hands at this game for the past two days and all I did was find food > build a campfire > getting hatchet’d / KoS > repeat.


The reason people act like this, both in DayZ and Rust, is because technically there is not many advantages to keeping anybody but yourself alive. Other players are unreliable, consume resources and space that you could’ve secured for yourself, can potentially reveal your location to purely hostile players, and are out to loot the same stuff you’re after. The social contact of fellow players is nice but the potential increase of combat efficiency is reduced by the fact that your mate can easily turn you into a victim either by mistake or malice. Regardless of what your goal with the game is it’s simply a fact that you can hoard more and die less if you kill on sight (at least until people start hunting you).

I’m hoping that there will eventually be some tweaks and feature additions that really encourage people to band together.

Honestly I treat survival games as real life. I really only trust my friends. I might go around mess around when no one is on, and team up with people, but they usually try to turn. Once in a great blue moon I add people to my group, but they always are watched by my normal group. That is where paranoia sets in, and bring life to survival games. It is not all about farming, crafting, and building. Once you have all that what do you do. Sit inside your base, or go kill zombies which at that point are not a challenge in any game survival game. No, you want to go outside to recruit people, or kill them. Maybe steam roll some base to expand your base. There are already incentives to group playing. It is sandbox, meaning if you want more friendlies you recruit other friendlies, and go kill bandits, so try to help peoples bases. Being friendly is hard, but can be more rewarding for some people. I am more neutral, like a mercenary. From what I’ve seen in live streams, and videos group play is the best way to do it. Since you will be able to get access to more blueprints that way. Help you farm, build, defend. I think the problem with kill on sight is most friendlies are derps. They will just run up to people, and assume such, but like real life that person is most likely a bandit trying to survive his way. They also use to much game chat, rather than get in a VOIP. They are to trusting, and that is just bad game play. They also run around during the day when it is easy to see people. They run in straight lines not looking around them. So teaming with friendlies is usually a bad idea. So what I am saying over all that there is incentives to group play. You can actually survive longer as a group, rather than a single person killing on sight.