Player's life statistics on the "Death Screen"

I think it would be cool for the game to record a few statistics about the player’s life and then report them on the “Death Screen” before the player starts a new life and the statistics are reset. Something like this:

cool but useless

I think it would be cool if it doesn’t consume too much for a server to handle it.

Good idea. Should be easy to implement. Maybe not the walking distance.

This is a cool idea :), Maybe even a stats menu while you’re alive could be cool as well.

That would be pretty neat. It might not serve any particular role, but that’s okay – it still adds to the fun.

You lost: Tompson, Bold Action, Revolver, 285 Metal Fragments, 3 human flesh, and your dignity.

Also a gravestone or cross should be left there with death initials a moment after dying! Umm, well, probably no. Or why not? This post made my imagination fly.

But yeah, a stat screen of some kind, appearing while alive or dead, would be neat (but still, as others have said, rather useless) feature. I’d still rather see stats about who was the prick to get me killed and with what.

Just thought about a way to stop ppl from taking death lightly…make surviving a month ingame time an achievment =P


You sir win one internet!

People will probably go out of they way to get the a person killed to prevent him from getting the achievement. I know I would do it :smiley:

wow you are a bad bad kitty :confused:

This would definetly be a survival stimulus for me. Like, that opens more space for “personal achievements”

Id also like to see a Statistic which gathers them all together