Player's name does not show up when you mouse over him

I’m finding issues when I put together a deathmatch in a forest map and people find each other by moving their mouse around to wait until the names pop up.

So, I need names to not appear except after 1 seconds consecutive of that player being hovered over if he is within 1000 units of the other player.

2 if he is within 2000

3 if he is within 3000

If he is past 3000, his name will not pop up unless the player uses the suit zoom feature in on him.

Within 5000, suit zoom = 3 seconds

Past 5000, name will not ever pop up

Thank you in advance.

Interesting, would be nice in just a regular server too if not wanting to be found. It’d be nice.

this suppresses the health and name, but it in a client side file
function GM:HUDDrawTargetID()
return false

sorry forgot this was the request section, but this should help till you get someone to make a fix

I could have it send that file to the player, right? autorun/client?

yes you could put it in the cl_init.lua of the gamemode and it should go to every player that joins.
I’m not sure if just putting it in a file in autorun/client will run it but it might.

It didn’t work. Do I just inject that code somewhere into the cl_init.lua file and that’s it?

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(haven’t tried that yet. I meant that putting a file into autorun/client didn’t work)

Yea, just goto the end of the gamemodes/gamemode name/gamemode/cl_init.lua and paste that code below everything else. I’m using it in my gamemode because I have a custom information function to show the information I want. If that still doesn’t work let me know what gamemode you are doing this to and I might be able to write this for ya, but I don’t know if i’ll have the time so try this first.