Players Nocollide


I have tried figuring this out for a few hours now, but I cannot come up with something better; I am trying to make players on the same team not collide with each other. I used GM:ShouldCollide like this:

local function ShouldCollideTestHook( entA, entB )
return (!entA:IsPlayer() || !entB:IsPlayer() || entA:Team() ~= entB:Team())
hook.Add( “ShouldCollide”, “ShouldCollideTestHook”, ShouldCollideTestHook )

This will partially work, however when players from the same team try to pass through each other, they will still be kind of pushed away from each other. Is there a way to make them not collide at all?

Thanks in advance

Make sure it’s run both on the client and on the server.

That and also maybe check my post in your second thread.