Players Spawning unassigned

I have been having a problem with this a lot recently I believe it has something to do with jobrelated.lua because I remember it started when I did something in jobrelated.lua I just don’t know what I did. I also always get an error in console. So can you guys please tell me how to fix it this is sort of getting old.



GAMEMODE.DefaultTeam is not defined, either you got some error which breaks the code defining it, or you simply forgotten to define it.

So what do I do?

define GAMEMODE.DefaultTeam

I am asking how

[lua]GM.DefaultTeam = TEAM_CITIZEN[/lua]
How hard can it be?

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You’ve obviously deleted Line 245 in jobrelated.lua

Thank you I will try it im really new at this

Edit:Omg thank you so much it worked ive dealt with that for to long