Players time out when connecting to server


I have a serious Problem with my TTT Server i run on a Linux root:
Many Players, who connects to the server get a crash after downloading the files. There Garrys Mod is just …crashing.
I ran the following addons:

  • ulx
  • ulib with a mysql module for saving the ranks
  • globalban
  • Pointshop with mysql module
  • utime with a mysql mod
  • a few Playermodels, wich i downloaded from the workshop - nothing special.
  • a few Traitor and Detective Items, wich I modded by myself a little bit. (not much)
  • Weapons Packs with basic weapons and a few custom one - nothing special either.´
  • spectator deathmatch
  • apromote; an addon that set the rank of a player after a specific time (i customised it, so that it works with the mysql module)
  • a few other simple addons written by myself: a kill notifier and a customizes hud (<- very simple just changed the colors of the default one)

I cant explain it myself why so much players times out when joining. I trys out so much but nothing help …

I hope anyone here can help me i really don’t know what to do anymore.

Greetz’, Cloud

Post a net_graph screenshot from players who are timing out.
Reduce addons.
Post server specs as well and your server.cfg

I would rather try backuping all addons to your local computer, then removing all addons from the server. Now restart your server.
Next, post your server’s IP address here, or ask (one of) your friends to join, or go to another computer which has GMod installed and try to connect to your server.
This way, you will know if it is any of the addons causing the problem.
If they failed to connect at this time, it means it is not caused by any of your installed addons.
However, if they authenticated successfully - it is an addon problem.
Basically start the elimination game.
Upload an addon one-by-one to your server, and restarting your server, then invite your buddy to attempt to join again…

That’s sorta exactly what I said?
Just remove an addon and restart the server and keep going?

Reduce addons = remove addons one by one.

Sorry for not explaing that any further.

Timing out on join can be caused my many things…

Buffer overflow on connect is typically linked with too much data ( voice or net/u/concommand messages ) being sent prior to being in-game. This can contribute to time-out.

With Time-outs, the main factor I’ve seen can be caused by too many things open on the computer itself, too many addons with models / materials that are being preloaded on join, etc…

Pointshop may be precaching too many files for some players to handle.

If you’re using FAS2 or M9K weapon packs, then those can cause a lot of issues ( they have a lot of files, or memory leak, etc… )…

Your custom HUDs, are they by chance creating any fonts or calling Material inside of HUDPaint or other hooks? Doing that can cause fonts to be recreated over and over until crash and calling Material can cause materials to continually be generated.

HUDPaint is called prior to the client being fully connected and in-game, so while these things may not seem like an issue, they can be.

If you want to see what is happening on your server, add me on Steam and I’ll send one of my debugging tools over…

If it is an issue caused by materials, models, etc… my tool will log what is being called, if materials are being re-created unnecessarily, etc… By default it caches old data so if a repeat is called it uses prior data.

At worst it’ll point out potential issues. At best, there’s an issue with wasted resources which it’ll resolve.

So, to solve this:

I have removed the pointshop playermodels each after another and it works after removing a specific playermodel.

@Acecool: The HUD’s are just default ones modified in color and a little other things. Not very much that could be interacting with anything. But i would like it, if you join the server and send me all of that things, wich are loading. Would be very nice.