Players timing out

I own a server and there is a rather big issue going on with it. I find that some players would “time out” when attempting to join and I’m not sure if this causes them to fully crash, but I do suspect this as I have fallen victim to timing out myself (and it did cause me to crash to desktop). I thought I fixed this issue by removing the supposed broken addon, but I still find that some players would still time out, even though i don’t experience that personally any more. I’m not sure how I would fix this issue since I don’t know/have contact with anybody experiencing this issue. Do any of you guys have experience/advice on fixing this or how in the world I would find what is causing this? Thanks.

You have too many add-ons or there’s a pretty bad one, we can’t just tell you which one is, so don’t post a long ass list

I figured that it was an addon causing this issue. I was just wondering if there is a method or some sort of debugger that could help to identify it.

Not really, most case you use net graph to see it usage in your server, but there’s no a tool that tells you what script is lagging or why

FProfiler might give you some sort of clue as to what is lagging, has helped me in the past.

EDIT: If it is happening on client load then it might not prove to be much of use though.

FProfiler is a good tool, although I don’t know if it’ll be effective with this specific issue. Worth trying though?

FProfiler is effective on the client realm and server realm

OP this video might be helpful:

Can happen if you try to send too much data to the client too soon after PlayerInitialSpawn.