Players under the Map

I haven’t seen this one before, but it might not be new. There’s a player living under the map near my base. Is this a new exploit with the update, or something similar to building in rocks?

He may be an admin…

Just the mole people. Ignore them and they won’t bother you.

Admins can do this. I usually keep an under-the-map base with a sleeping bag and some supplies so I don’t have to spawn in meat + clothes + mats every time I respawn. The ground terrain is one-way. You can walk from underground to aboveground, but not the other way around.

Didn’t know you could build under the map as an admin. I’ve “flown” under the map before, but it never occurred to me to try to build there. Not sure I would though. I like the play the game as it’s intended. I build my base with my group like everyone else and I don’t spawn in anything. The only time I spawn anything is when I’m doing testing (new items, test builds, etc). I’ll usually go to some remote, uninhabited part of the map to do that. I then destroy anything I’ve built and dispose of anything I spawned in the ocean so it can’t be found and used by anyone else.

I knew devs, admins, mods lives underground. I knew theyre ‘difrent’.
Thhats why they didnt approve my cellar idea. Beacuse then we would find them all!

I have two servers where I’m a live admin, and don’t interfere with gameplay. I don’t give items, I don’t raid or kill, I don’t harvest, I basically sit back and enjoy the show. On my other servers, I don’t grant myself admin powers, so I play in the trenches (I can always use Rusty to kick spammers).

But yes, you can build underground. It can lead to some interest map additions, like bridges across valleys (build foundation underground, build armored support beams up) and other creative architecture. I once set up a base in the far corner of the map and built a zoo / garden, complete with stoned-in streams that looked like channels. It was pretty slick!

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Given the way the textures work, I would think it would be fairly easy to implement underground structures / caves / storm drains / etc. But since I’m not the one doing the coding, I’ll have to take their word that it’s impractical at this point. :slight_smile:

As one of the more helpful players and the person who’s logged the most hours on the server so far, the server owners offered me an admin position a few weeks ago to take care of any hackers and to help out noobs.

I was concerned at first, because I like to play. Didn’t want to give the impression of having an unfair advantage over people. I’m very strict on myself with the way I handle admin duties, and keep the admin powers totally separate from my actual play, even though they’re always there. That’s why I do things the way I do.

I got tired of people screaming “some1 broke into my base, CLEARLY THIS WAS ADMIN ABUSE!11!” every time anything happened, so I became more of a spectator instead. People still do that, but the regulars all know that isn’t the case, and they usually wind up putting bounties on whoever is whining.

Yeah, there was a Brazilian group on our sever after last patch. Every time they got raided by anyone, they screamed exploits and hacks because their leader claimed their base designs were “unraidable”. They really just sucked and had no idea how to build proper bases (primary tool cupboards exposed on first floors, near windows, etc. And they didn’t understand the mechanics of tool cupboards and how the primary took precedent over all others in its radius. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

And when they started attacking my base and kept getting repelled (again, because they sucked), they started screaming admin abuse. That’s bound to happen regardless. Some people are just sore losers.

All you admin spawn stuff when you want. I don’t believe otherwise. If you have the ability you use it.

hahahha umhmmm yeah.

Removing the challenge of the game makes the game no fun. So no, I don’t spawn in stuff for myself to use in game outside of testing.

Did you recently have your base destroyed?

There are many ways to go under the map for non-admin players. At some point i had discovered 4 or 5 different methods, most of them have been fixed now.

Its still easy even now. The way everyone does now is placing a door in the bottom of a cave, the door pushes you through the cave wall, the other side is under the map where you can move and build without restriction.

Another way to go under the map is use a door to push you in a hill, with the right position of floors and using terrain’s rock, you can be pushed through the terrain and pop under the map. Last time i did it was more than 4 weeks ago, but i’m pretty sure its still possible. This way is very hard to do and requires determination, but i’m pretty sure i could do it again.

i did it many times, i can go both ways. the trick is to use a door to push you through the terrain, by placing the door in a steep hill.