PlayerSpawn hook is overridden by something. Alternatives?

I have no idea what, I tried downloading the whole garry’s mod folder to my PC then searching with notepad++ for GM:PlayerSpawn ( & GAMEMODE:PlayerSpawn ) together with hook.Add(“PlayerSpawn” but I found nothing which is not gamemode related.
Anyone care to help?

Care to explain what’s happening? “PlayerSpawn hook is overridden by something” isn’t exactly helpful.
Gamemode? Mods? What are you trying to do?

DarkRP, a huge list of them.
I’m just trying to link a function to the player spawn hook, I even tried print and it fails to work.

So, Robotboy asks you what you’re trying to do and you respond with “DarkRp, a huge list of them”. I’m sorry, but in what way does this answer his question?

You’re also failing to provide any code.

The second line exactly explains what I’m trying to do.
He asked for gamemode and the list of mods. That’s the first sentence.
Here’s the code:

function SpawnPrint(ply)
print(“someone spawned”)
hook.Add( “PlayerSpawn” , “SomeNamehere”, SpawnPrint )

This code would still be called even if some was hooking PlayerSpawn elsewhere, the only reason it wouldn’t be called is if you were running the code on the client or someone was overriding that hook by using the exact same name and calling it after your code.

Either that or you have an error somewhere in the file that hook is created and it is stopping the file from loading at all, if the above two things are not the problem check through the whole console for a lua error or put a print in the top of the file to see if it is actually loaded.

It loads, I put the printer on top and yeah, it prints. I tried changing hook names, no luck. And no, it was on the server, lua/autorun/server.
I’m using PlayerInitialSpawn right now and it works, but I really want to know what’s the problem with the playerspawn hook, not the first time and probably not the last.

Load Sandbox see if your code runs

No, explaining exactly what you’re trying to do at least requires you to provide some code.

No, he asked what you exactly is overriding your “PlayerSpawn” hook (which is silly in and of itself), and then he asked what you were trying to do, which you failed to specify accurately.

It might be blocked by another hook which is returning true or false, or if another hook has the same name.

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I have no idea what hook is overriding it, that’s why I came here.

what retard returns something in the PlayerSpawn hook