Playing a Pre-2007 Update Garry's Mod

Somebody mentioned this somewhere, but he/she said that it was possible to play a pre 2007 ep.2 update version of Gmod by removing some folder. is this true? is it possible to play a pre 2007 version of gmod without losing all the updates? :flashfap: :flashfap: :flashfap: :gizz:

You can’t, It’s Gmod9 or Garry’s Mod.

Those are your two choices.

I’ve considered taking the client hl2.exe file out of…say…CS:S and trying it that way.

Doubt it will work, but hey: L4D supports CS:S maps, maybe it goes backwards as well.

L4D supporting maps from CS:S doesn’t really relate to using a version of GMod from 2007 while keeping all the updates.

or what if i say fuck the addons and say can i just play a pre 07 gmod. is that possible?

If you can get your hands on the old versions? You’d have to play by yourself though (correct?). There’s no servers up for the old versions…just use play GMod 10. Why are you wanting to do this anyway?


Unless he can pull 2 year old files out of thin air and then be smart enough to get them working as a sourcemod maybe.

Basically, don’t waste your time trying to do it.

Why would you want to play an old GMOD, that’s like running Windows 98 when you have Windows XP.

If you still have the GMod GCF-files of a pre-2007-engine phase, then you can create a sourcemod out of it.

If not: You can’t.


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You are a pirate!!!

i miss the way gmod was back in the day, unfortunately doing so is impossible. Unless, what if i reinstall gmod, but have Steam not update the files automaticly? that might work idk. Besides i dont play multiplayer anyway, too many “Lua Viruses”, assholes, and horrid lag in multiplayer. i mean, now days, at least for me, hl2.exe stops responding nearly every 30 minutes, the no-clip is choppy though not a big deal i like to bitch. Back before 07 i never had a problem, plus the game ran better. i guess thats why i want to do this.


rofl, or maybe like running 95 when you have Windows 7

Ironic, considering the number of XP fanboys.

Huh? He’s right. All the non-steam versions I’ve seen floating around (but haven’t downloaded, as I have no need for them, as I bought a legit Gmod 10) are pre-2007.

He may want the update so he can run it on a godawful computer, btw.

I didn’t know that dicks spraying stuff is allowed…

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oh common they are in the smilies list =)

Oh i love Garry’s comment to the guy who said to torrent gmod 10. “No. - Garry” lol i love you Garry.

What the fuck do you think this is,

well idk, some guy has a Gmod 2007 thing going on, but its prolly a virus