Playing Cards?

Could someone possibly model some playing cards?
aka poker cards, blackjack cards, those cards.
Would be very very useful
Also needs to be normal size. not gigantic for ragdolls

Try searching.

Ive already seen that. I dont mean that. I mean normal cards without the back being a rainbow and some random shit on the front instead of kings, queens etc.

I’ll try this, can’t guarantee it’ll be done quick.

Cool. Thanks :downs:


At last, we shall have our proper playing cards…

What the fuck are you doing? searching the last bloody page of the requests section?
Jesus christ.

actually we have found playing card in fallout new vegas

How’s about someone rips the cards AND players from Poker Night at the Inventory?

Players are already done.
Get TF2 for heavy, and a sam and max pack for max.