Playing demos from an older version crashes gmod

I have about 20 demos that I recorded last week, and they all cause gmod to crash when loaded. I have no way of converting them to a normal video now. They are very important to me. Can someone help me load them/convert them?

Here I have supplied one of the demos and the crash log of trying to load the respective demo.
Virus Scan:

These demos were very important to me and they still don’t work, please help me! I’ll even pay money to get these things to work again!

You’ll have to get an older version of Garry’s Mod to make them work. There’s nothing any of us can do unless someone happens to have an older version saved. Best bet would be to find an outdated torrent or something of that matter.

I’ve tried that, but the microphone didn’t work for anybody in the demo and there were errors.

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Is there any way to get these older versions to go online? Replacing the old version’s files with gmod’s files in steamapps doesn’t work. You’ll get an engine error.