Playing footstep sounds only for certain players/other sounds

I’ve had some issues in the past with CRecipientFilter on , I don’t have the snipet anymore, but I just recall having trouble with actually getting it to mute the player’s footsteps for everyone on the server. I’m trying to make it so only players with a certain variable can hear each others footsteps.

Example: Player 1 = dude, Player 2 = unchill

Dudes and unchill shouldn’t hear each others footsteps. I think I could just return false on every playerfootstep, then play my own sound instead. I wanna avoid doing that though, it sounds hacky af.

Say we have person X, Y, and Z.

X is walking around. You want Y to be able to hear it but not Z?
PlayerFootstep only determines whether a sound is played when the player moves, not whether someone can hear the foot step. Think of a radio. This is a transmitter. You can’t control who receives it.