Playing Garry's Mod causes uninstalled Source games to install.

Hi, I know there is a thread for this but it seems to be dead. Everytime I try to play Garry’s Mod it starts installs for my other uninstalled Source games (TF2, HLE1, HLE2, Portal, even HL2DM & Lost Coast) Currently I have CS:S HL2 and DOD:S installed. Whenever I exit out of Garrys mod I see these games installing and I am suddenly missing hard drive space. I go to check it out and there are suddenly 1-4 gig files for those games. Whats going on and how can I stop it? I can simply delete all the files to clear it but it get tedious an I think its taking up space somewhere else. I checked all my installs and folders and I should have like 5 more gigs free than I do have.


Refer here:

it does that to get the games objects but you can turn it off in the game its easy to find