Playing Gmod since 2006

I’ve been playing for long now and im starting to see all these little kids ruin gmod for me is it time to move on and wait for his next game RUST
I missed all the Role play but kids just makes it …erhhh not so fun anymore

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread" - postal))

And why did you have to make a thread about your departure from he continuation of your Garry’s Mod experience?:v:

2 posts. Just saying.

[sp]no one knows who you are, and we don’t care[/sp]

But I totally get what you’re saying.

Rust isn’t “garry mod”.

I find it hard to believe you have been playing since 2006 but never made an account on FP.

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Yeah, I’m new, but I’m staying. I’m not new and leaving.
Ok let me rephrase that. I didn’t join Facepunch just so I can make threads about my departure from Gmod.