Playing Half-Life 2 the entire way through in Garry's Mod.

Ive been trying to play HL2 in Garry’s Mod (for entity hunting, harassing metrocops, etc.) and I have come across some obstacles. Is there any way I could get around these problems:

[li] The plugs/wires do not plug in. (This is the main problem)
[/li][li] When exiting a map sometimes the server restarts to the same map. (For me it takes forever)

I might add a few to the list if someone points out something I forgot.
Also, can someone fix the SMG1 ammo container on the back of the jeep?

Around when did this problem start?

No, this is normal, reason why because you are running it as a mod so it will change and they vary big time.

Garry’s mod = a Mod

The Smod to Hl2 = a Mod

So you are better off running it in the original Hl2 with no mods, Gmod wont help you here.

In the places where you’re stuck you’ll have to use the changelevel command to change to the next map.