Playing in a group - The Jesters

So if you want a little more fun with this game then get across to our Teamspeak and join the fun!

About 10-12 currently playing an d building a mini community

Teamspeak =

Website =

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread, make one thread not two, flaming" - postal))

All I heard about you guys is that you are going to be a huge bandit kos group with a carebear village where nobody shoots each other (which isn’t going to happen).

And 1 thread with jesters isn’t enough?

“This is my rifle, this is my gun. This one’s for killing, this one’s for fun. And these hand grenades are for lobbing over walls into carebear villages.”

Shoot on sight for anyone who isn’t one of us :slight_smile:

And if you read that thread it’s about the videos! and no 1 isn’t enough.

come get us!

Hey, could you guys stop advertising for your “clan” by spamming it in the game’s chat, thanks.

stop us!

Oh look, even more reason not to join your stupid group.

oh look even more reason to STFU

People just whinge constantly probably because most can’t get into the game etc etc but we have 2 threads. Wow oh so many threads!

Asking people to join us to help is not a bad thing, get people to help you, you help people… BOOM! You have a shared community that can work together!

We have 30+ from The Jesters just waiting to get keys… have fun playing on your own rather than with our “stupid” group

Just make one big or “mega” thread about it.

So it’s a bad thing that we have 2 threads, one that shows a few videos and one which says come join us on TS for group/community play!!

Oh my fucking god.
This is not your goddamn forum. Stop acting like it is.
We have other topics to read and your shit begging and shitposting topics are wasting space.

Wait, wait, are you fucking shitting me? You think there is no facepunch group playing together?
Do you REALLY think the forum where the game was generally made have NO PEOPLE PLAYING A GROUP?

aren’t you those guys who spam in the chat like ‘join our community’

They are, and it’s annoying.

Wow receptive… how much of a cunt do you want to be! When the hell did I say it was my forum and when did I act like it was.

You were the one who made the choice to read the thread and posts I don’t make you do anything.

It’s obvious you can read so why don’t you try it. I never said there weren’t any other groups, I never said there no groups or communities playing.

If you read my OP all I said was people could join us on TS for a little fun! We actually don’t give a crap about people joining or not joining The Jesters. It’s just a case of if people join and like gaming with us they can join if they feel like they want to.

makes a change from people spamming about speed hackers!

A worse change. People saying someone is speedhacking is more useful than someone spamming to join their pathetic ‘clan’.
Look, you’re making your ‘Jesters’ group sound like a bunch of ignorant, annoying and argument-losing immature asshats. Stop posting or everyone is going to hate you people. A lot of people visit facepunch.

“We”? Who this “we” you speak of? The royal “we”? Are you some kind of mod? Are we not free to post if said posts displease you? Forgive me for asking so many questions as “we” are rather new to these forums and simply extended a “JEST-ure” for some community play. “We” did not expect to be bombarded with some babbling bullshit.

Good day sir.


As opposed to the spam of “OMFG “xxx” WHY YOU KILL ME?” or - " FUUU “XXX” HACKER NOOB" ?

The people who visit this sub-forum. They’re not here to read about something they see spammed every 2 seconds in the chat.
I’m not a mod, but I’m a person who’s been here for a while. Telling a semi-old member of the forum to ‘STFU’ and call him a cunt is a very wise decision to make by a new member of the forum.
You guys have 2 threads advertising your group and you also spam in-game. Is it SERIOUSLY not enough?

I wouldn’t say 600 members in 6 months is actually pathetic for a gaming community

ignorant no

annoying yep most likely

argument-losing how am I losing this?

asshat, I agree with that but from one asshat to another all you’ve done is insult me personally, not read what I’ve said and

“Hate you people” - for a few posts and mainly in reply to posts like yours where all you’ve done is throw insults.

If you’re an example of the general population of facepunch then I’ll be glad to get the ban if it ever comes my way

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anyway you know where to find us if you want to talk this through some more!

I never did say I’m part of the general population. As you may know, we’re not a hivemind. It’s my opinion. But it’s mostly agreed on our forums that advertising after registering will be unappreciated. Especially if it’s overdone.