Playing in the game

I have plans to make a huge project in the s’box, real server, real-world auto, real-life physics of weapons, transport, player, one city and towns, almost cyberpunk world (almost, not full of cyberpunk), character creation, buying houses, businesses, robbing shops, in general in my plans to make a large server similar to GTA ONLINE and RDR2 ONLINE. What do you think of this idea?

Whatever you can imagine you can do, it will be alot of work thats for sure.

If your passionate about the idea I say go for it.

It looks like this one guy is going to be a whole studio with numerous developers.

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It will be a ton of work, probably spanning months to a year or more depending how hard @B3LY is willing to work, but one thing is for sure… if you concentrate your mind you can accomplish anything.

Again its about the journey that matters its the struggles that @B3LY is willing to work on and overcome, the struggle makes the process rewarding in the end and famous producer once said he enjoys the process of making music rather than the end result.

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Thank you for your support, sometimes the more you work it only works, you want to wake up and go and work right away, because you’re interested and you want to finish your job.

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