Playing L4D maps in GMod

I want to make a poster for my L4D map in GMod.

Is there any conversion I need to do with the l4d map/textures?


Different shaders, so it wouldn’t work properly.

So how can I make it work properly?
Can I just open the vmf in the Orange Box SDK and compile?

no because the textures are using different shaders and possibly a new version of StudioMDL and VTF. You would have to start modifying pretty much every texture and model before you could successfully compile a map. Even then, it would look pretty bad because of the lack of grain and all their special post-processing effects.

Actually… You can just open up the VMF in normal hammer and re-compile. The materials still use the same shader (Just the shaders may have changed a bit in L4D), and you’d have to do a fixup on all the models.