Playing Music as an Admin Question

I have a Windows dedicated server with a GMOD server running on it, is it possible for admins to play music on the server with some sort of plugin/addon. If anyone knows anything about a plugin/addon that can perform these functions, please let me know. Thanks.

The youtube player, you can play music and video’s (you just have to copy and paste the youtube link/ustream/vimeo almost anything)

It’s a bit unstable though it might crash some clients, try to look it up on or the svn.

I found PlayX but it looks like it only works with wiremod, I’m looking for a plugin/addon that can work perhaps in a deathrun/TTT server, if you know what I’m saying.

PlayX is standalone. It has wiremod outputs for those interesting in using it like that. Also, you could use a “Jukebox” just look in the LUA section for a release.