Playing on a server with 10k stacks

How much wood does it take to generate 10k metal fragments in a furnace?

1000 wood generates 200 fragments for each stack of metal ore you put in. You can do the math from there.

Yea was just testing out 3 furnaces with 1 stack, 2 stacks and 3 stacks.

Will do the maths.

i wud say u need 16665 woods to generate 10k m\f. theres a trick some players still dont know
split 1k metal ore for 3 stacks of 333 ore and put each stack of 333 ore in three cells and the furnace will provide 3 m\f every circle. so u need 16665 woods in first furnaces cell amn there stacks of 3333 metal ore in there other cells

more than that u need 5 woods to fuse 1 piece of metal and 3 woods to fuse 1 piece of sulfur ore

enlish isnt m native tongue but i hope ull understand me -)

For max output if you’re not in need of charcoal, you can fit 1 stack of wood, 4 stacks of ore, and 1 single metal fragment. It will spit out the charcoal as it burns. On an unmodded server with normal stacks, that will produce 800 metal frags per stack of 1000 wood.

And it’s a 1:1 ratio for metal ore to metal frags. If you put 4 stacks + 1000 wood, you consume 200 metal ore from each stack and produce 200 frags from each.