Playing on Mac - Constant Crashing

I’m trying to play Rust through Steam on my Mac, but the game crashes constantly (I have to force quit it). The longest I’ve been able to play is about 15 minutes, but most sessions are a max of 2 minutes, or the game locks at the loading screen. I have the graphics settings down pretty moderately, and my Mac is only a year old so I would think it should handle the game?

Is anyone else playing on a Mac likewise having the game brick itself constantly? It’s a really fun game in the few scattered minutes that I actually get to play it, but currently pretty frustrating to have paid money for something that doesn’t seem to work. Is there anything I can try to get the game to remain more stable i.e. actually get to play it?

I’m having the same problem. Garry knows about this problem and is working on fixing it as soon as possible:

For more information see ‘Status Report #001’ (the latest post) on