Playing player animations

Hey everyone. I’ve bough Gmod few days back and I had loads of fun. But I got this question, my player model is citizen, he has lots of animations as I looked through model viewer. Is it possible to play any of his animations with a command or something? Like playanim plazaidle2 or are there any other ways of doing this? Thanks in advance!

The player models are different models than the NPC models.

In other words; no.

I was just taking it as an example. I have a zombie panic model and it has lots of animations, but they’re never used in game. I was wondering if there’s a way to play them in Gmod

Pretty sure the addon for NPCs is called NPC Control 2. You can spawn actors and make them move where you want and do an action, however alot of models won’t be able to impose one model’s animations unless it’s very generic. (for example, Breen can do the cower animation, but he can’t kneel stuff like that)

There’s also an Advanced NPC Control for Combine soldiers. If you can’t find it from this info, use google.

WHAT. use google you say, you’ve got to be kidding. google is the most shittyest search program EVER, i don’t even know how many times i’ve tried to search something from there, always whit any results that ISN’T related anyways to the thing that i’ve searched

What were you searching?