Playing Rust on a laptop? Impossible!!! External Graphics Cards for Laptops?

Many people, who game on laptops are out of luck when it comes to Rust, because they simply do not have the graphics, or memory, or processing power to play Rust at a efficient, and playable rate.
An external graphics card is basically a way to plug in a graphics card to a shitty laptop, and being able to use it for gaming. And I mean high end gaming, as in the latest games at 60 fps.

Thunderbolt 3 looks extremely promising…

Intel will be releasing a port this holiday season of 2015, called the Thunderbolt 3, which as their website describes it, ¨Thunderbolt™ 3, the fastest, most versatile connection to any dock, display, or peripheral device¨ will be able to connect everything.

Here’s what it can do:

This will allow people who want to buy a cheap i5 laptop, and a graphics card, and hook them together to play the most high end games, at high fps.

This is especially good for Rust, because many people struggle with framerates, even with their beastly gaming pc’s, so I am speaking for the laptop gamers out there.

They have not announced a price yet, but I hope it’s cheap, because most of that money will be going towards a graphics card.,2817,2486078,00.asp

P.S: I am not a spokesperson for Intel or anything, I just thought this was really cool and wanted to share it with you guys. This means that you can play those high end games on the go, especially Rust, and I am very excited about it.

I wouldn’t call it “on the go” if you need to also drag around a graphics card

I meant if you were on vacation, and you needed a travel gaming pc to bring to a hotel, that you could pack with you ¨on the go¨.

I looked into this a while back for my laptop, AFAIK most laptops can’t use an external GPU because their wireless cards are using the port needed for Thunderbolt, so it’s basically restricting you to turning your laptop into a lesser desktop since you’ll rely on Ethernet for online gaming.

Hmm…Welp all my hopes and dreams are in the toilet now.
Isn’t there some new laptops coming out with this port? If not I’m pretty sure there’s still a way to do it still, but I have no clue, this stuff is pretty new to me as well.

Also couldn’t you just get a converter?

You can also just use a USB wireless adapter. 802.11 doesn’t need PCI-e bandwidth.

I didn’t have any problems running the game until a couple months ago when it started getting progressively more unoptimized with every update - sure I couldn’t run it in ultra mode or anything but even on integrated graphics I could turn up the settings enough for it to look nice without dropping below ~40 FPS.

Between the poor optimization, the extremely limited graphics options, and the memory leaks that have developed over the last few months, it’s gotten to the point where even with every graphical setting turned down to the lowest possible option, I can only play for maybe 45 minutes or an hour tops before everything overheats or maxes out and everything crashes.

You could check the specs of the laptop you’re using/planning to use and see if it has a free port. Mine doesn’t have a dedicated Thunderbolt port, which I only found out after I got it.
An AFAIK, there are no converters.

I’m extremely confused…
What exactly is Thunderbolt 3 then?
I thought it was a way to connect externally things such as Monitors, hard drives, and graphics cards.
And what kind of free port are we talking about? USB? Does it have to have a Thunderbolt 3 port? Why can’t you convert it, because I think I saw a converter cable somewhere?

Much, much better option - spend that money on a good, light gaming laptop. My MacBook Pro can play Rust, and there are cheaper, much more powerful gaming laptops out there. You can easily play Rust on high settings on a 1,100 laptop, and play it well on a 900-1000 laptop.

Attaching a GPU is a great option for someone with tons of money who wants a nice laptop and to be able to sometimes add a good GPU. But for much less money - just buy a great gaming laptop.

You can not be serious man. DO NOT EVER BUY A LAPTOP TO PLAY GAMES ON IT.
For fucks sake man, if you want to waste your money, buy a PC and drop one extra grand
on Obama Health Care or whatever. Just DO NOT EVER… shakes head

If you want to play games somewhere else, just Stream your Games
from the Computer to the Laptop, adds a delay but makes it still playable
and looks still much better than entirely on the Laptop.

Holy god fukin christ.

I know that.

But people like me due to circumstances can’t really get a desktop.

I made this for the laptop gamers out there, not the laptop haters out there.

I know laptop gaming sucks, it really does.

But here’s a way to play games you generally couldn’t on a laptop.

I know you know that, else the whole topic would be pointless.
But cinderstars anwer was just utter crap. Had to answer that way.

You can build a cheap gaming PC for less than that, and performs better than that. You also have to buy a monitor and Windows.

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Gaming on macs is literally the worst. Other laptops could perform, but a mac? No, well maybe, I don’t know it could work.
Who knows man, be open to suggestions.

Let’s hope you have some extra brain power so you can get this:

Some laptops are decent for gaming. No one said they are cheaper than a desktop. No one said you can’t buy a better gaming desktop for the same money as any laptop. That is obvious.

But, there are some powerful gaming laptops out there. You can run any published game out there at top settings on some laptops. Nothing is wrong with gaming on a laptop if you specifically want to do it. And, REPEAT: no one is saying laptops are cheaper or better for gaming.

Most people play games on laptops for a good reason, such as they have to travel a lot, or are physically unable to sit at a desk. Many people play on a laptop sitting up in a bed or in some position that is not sitting at a desk.

So take your idiotic shouting to another thread. And, maybe learn something about gaming laptops before talking about it - because it is pretty obvious you have not looked at the specs of the best gaming laptops.

On the original topic. The external GPU is just not a good option yet. If you need to play on a laptop it is cheaper to buy a good gaming laptop than buy a setup for an external GPU. It only makes sense in a few cases to want an external GPU.

And for the dense: of course a desktop will perform better for the same money as any gaming laptop.

I’ll stick with my 980M, thanks :slight_smile: lol by the time I purchase a laptop, a 980, a power supply, and a thunderbolt interface, I might as well just buy a good laptop or desktop.

A 980M is the one of the best graphics card for gaming laptops out there.

This thread wasn’t directed toward you, it was toward the people who have no graphics card.

You should not buy thunderbolt, because you can run almost any game at 60 fps or more.

So I hope you have a good day, because you are one lucky son of a bitch to have that much firepower in a laptop.

What kind of massive basement dweller stays in his hotel all day to play rust when on vacation. Why even bother going

I don’t know…

I too go to the beach for the beach.