Playing Rust on Mac

I have a question and a help would be great. I have Mac laptop and want to play PC version RUST. Now i can run .exe file in my mac though a program. But in PC its requires this program ( vcredist_x86.exe ) so my problem is that. Is there any Program as such like this vcredist_x86.exe which can be install in mac and run Rust.exe though the program which i can run. Thanks for reading and help me. ( Plus i am stilly to buy Rust from steam )

The website for vcredist_x86.exe is here:

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if you are using wine to play it then

winetricks vcrun2005 vcrun2008

that should take care of the vcredist_x86.exe problem

Its not Mods btw

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if you are using wine to play it then

Can you post me the link to that winetricks vcrun2005 and vcrun2008

Well I believe the game is available for OSX so you could just buy it? you could run it through boot camp or a virtual machine. what you can try is open terminal and type.


Also you could try this website they have a lot of alternative methods to moding files to get windows games to work correctly on a mac through building wrappers and so on.

Your best bet it to run windows through bootcamp and play it through their. Virtual machines can be really buggy if your trying to game on a mac. Did you torrent it? If so you should stop and actually buy the game to help it get out of Alpha and into Beta.:pwn:


if its really torrent then i wont help you.

afaik steam through wine should take care of the vcredist installation anyway
and as said previously there is a mac client out also.