Playing Rust with a Ps3 Controller?

Just wondering if its possible since ive been playing Ps3 For a very long time and i suck at using a mouse and keyboard.
Btw i use Motionjoy for my other games will it work with rust ?

Yeah… Not gonna work

A mouse is WAY better. My friend tried using a PS3 controller and it didn’t work. There’s too many buttons and typing is impossible. Now, when moving around he uses his right hand on a mouse and his left hand on his ps3 controller. Then when typing, and doing other things he uses the keyboard.

I don’t know how you could play a game like that.

You know how you get better with a mouse and keyboard?

Controller…well, you gonna lose every PvP if you use a controller.
You just can’t hit over a high range and you also can’t react fast enough if you use one.

Ive been using a mouse and keyboard for a Very long time but with this new setup i have its really uncomfortable for me my shoulders start to hurt.
i just needed to know if it is possible to use a Ps3 controller or not.?

I tried setting up an xbox 360 controller, dint work, dont know much about PS3 controllers. But, Wyvyrias may have a point on the PVP aspect of the game.

Yes it will work you just need JoytoKey software to use your PS3 controller on PC.

Set one analog to WASD and one to mouse or whatever works for you.
Remember you can set any button / movement on your PS3 controller to be anything on your computer (even a combo keys such as alt tab)

I would change all the controls in the program itself instead of messing with your rust controls, that way you can use both keyboard / mouse and controller anytime you want (or at the same time)

JoyToKey lets you make different profiles for different things so you can make one for each game or make multiple ones for the same game with different mouse speed sensitivity on the joysticks.

But as mentioned, people will still have an advantage over you when they use keyboard /mouse just because its easier to aim with a mouse.

thanks man finally someone who gave me what i needed . :slight_smile:

Did anybody get a profile going for joytokey? lol I cant seem to figure it out.

I don’t see why this would not work you have your movement on the left stick. You would be able to look around with the right stick. Pushing down left stick would be run. Flashlight would be controlled via pushing right stick down. aim would be L1 fire would be R1 which would make R1 also your click and right stick would be mouse cursor movement. slots 1 - 6 for item selecting would be D-pad then select and start. L2 would be V for voice chat. R2 would be crouch. Tilting the controller forward would be reload. game menu would be the Playstation button.

Now i am in no way saying that this would be the ideal way of playing the game. But it would be playable and possibly fun think i will try it out myself when i get home lol.

yeah I agree mouse and keyboard users are going to be more precise, but if your normally a controller user, using a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse will at least give you a fighting chance…

I just cant figure out how to set the right analog to look around like, im using a ps3 controller…if you get a profile together let me know please.

I used xpadder and and xbox controller, but found out quickly that my ass was grass against all the people w/ keyboard and mouse, so I switched back. Good luck to you though, I hope it ends up working for you :slight_smile:

yeah ive bought xpadder twice and got screwed up on the download and I was out the money, so im not doing that again…tried emailing the dude and everything

i use MotionJoy for my PS3 controller but if you are against that i could download the other program and help you out with creating a profile.

There are third party software ways to do this, but IIRC, the public Rust “to-do” list (on Trello) seems to imply that they are working on controller support.

Well I finally got it setup, I have motionjoy too…I must say that im not that impressed with the controller, I thought it would be better, it seems like the analog isn’t as fluid as what a FPS should be…maybe im expecting it to be like COD or Titanfall lol. maybe ill just stick to the keyboard and mouse.

motioninjoy + xpadder/joytokey/pinnacle game profiler