Playing Rust with gamepad


i just want to ask is there a way to play Rust with gamepad (xbox360) and if not is there going to be an option in future to enable controllers in game.I love this game and i am not fan of raiding or combat, i like to explore and build.I would love to sit back in my bad and play with a controller on my big TV and relax instead of sitting in chair in front of smaller screen.

Please, enable controllers in game :slight_smile:

I use a steampad, it’s fantastic for playing m&kb only games from the couch. I could actually rant for a long time about how much I like it for a lot of reasons but you can find all that on youtube. Point is it’d solve your problem for more than just this game.

The hardest part is overcoming the muscle memory of course but its worth it if you intend to remain a pc gamer and couch owner.

Plus its a great HTPC device, which probably matters to you given your situation.

How do you find it in gunfights? Still hold your own?

I never did in rust anyway due to frame rate. :stuck_out_tongue:

In ns2 I do about 30% worse as marine, but that’s a full on twitch shooter. In TF2 I did about the same -30% as scout but my sniper skills vastly improved, like almost doubled.

Rust just isn’t as twitchy as a lot of fps games so I can’t imagine it’s an issue.

One thing is certain, it is many orders of magnitude better than an xbox controller against mouse users.