Playing Rust

Anyone else in-game yet?

I’m back in, where abouts are you?


Just spawned in, that new wipe seems to have respawned everyone in the regular spawn area. Excited to see the new content.

Nice photoshop. :wink:

Believe what you want, I’m playing, looks like there’s only two people online, weird.

Show us some screenshots then. :smile:

Of the game?

No, of your porn folder.

In all seriousness though, if you want to play the game, visit this URL:

In the textbox type in:
Then hit ‘Run’

Congratulations, you’re playing rust.

This is what I get

Either way I would still be pleased :quagmire:

Or you could just click

Unity web player won’t execute .unity3d files right off the bat, so no.

It did for me.

And the server is offline so it won’t work.

am i doing it right

I guess I am mistaken.
I speak only from personal experience.

Many thanks.

Dat dydnit wirk guise kold 1 ov u pls gyve spoderman a beta kee
i wyl tach u haow 2 hav sweg if u do

(User was permabanned for this post ("dumb gimmick" - postal))

I wish I could throw more boxes as you, I really do.