Playing rust

So after seeing Nova, a youtuber, play rust with his friend ImmortalHD, this game looked awesome, I created an account and etc. However, I tried playing and it said I need a beta key. What is that? Do I need it to play? Where can I get it if the second question is yes? Is it free? Please Help me. Thank you

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How about you look around in the fuckings forum instead of making a new thread about it.

Beta key is something you require to play the game.
You can’t get it, you may buy gold and Garry sometimes post keys in the gold forum.
The game is free, however you require a key.
It was open alpha but many people came so they closed it and now you require key.
No you can’t have a key.

Thank you, this helps me very much. I didn’t feel like looking around the “fuckings” forums for a new one because people post shit answers. Kirad showed a link to a really good post. Thanks though.

What about the 0000000 key that the devs use, is that illegal? I’m not using it, I’ve just heard of it.