Playing singleplayer fasther

I have a question about how to make a singleplayer server fasther because when I start to play singleplayer it takes so so long and it is just anooying because sometimes i just want to test something small with my addons

Crappy thread


lol i did not think about that >D

Get rid of your addons.

re-install steam twice :v:

If you have allot of addons remove a few useless onces :v:
else just reinstall gmod.

i just want addons i do not want to get rid of them D:


why 2x

2 is better then 1

run the box prefab from source sdk into a .bsp and use that.

small map

A simple solution would be to clear everything inside your addons folder and see how much faster you’d load plus comparing the load time as to before.

i hve a guestion about reinstalling gmod

when i reinstall gemod will it delete all the addons, maps, gamemods, and everything that i have downloaded from servers

Only if you do it by deleting the garrysmod folder. Deleting “local game cache” does not remove addons.

“delete local game cache” dosent seem to do anything more than making you have to download 4mb things from steam servers…

wait is there something that you can redownload gmod files without deleteing them first???


gmod is really crappy for me rignt now like the water sucks the menu is glitcy the options and other stuff in the menu is crappy so i relly need to get the gmod files reinstalled

Rename steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod to garrysmodold. Then copy across your addons that you want to keep.

i know that but i have download files from servers and anyway deleting local game files only deleted some of the files that was 100mb total and i still have the problem

i mean local game cache not local game files

here are some pictures of my problem that i have and if you can help then help

and the one with folers is that when i open anything from the menu and a nother thing then the other thing goes behing the first thing just look that there will be another window behind the first one

ah and the newer ones i just took for fun while i was makeing the pictures :smiley: (ignore them)