Playing Sounds From Chat

Ok so i’m trying to make a script that plays a sound when someone enters the name of it in the chat.

alE = file.Find(("sound/*.ogg"), "GAME")

hook.Add([[Initialize]], [[findSounds]], function()
	file.Write("soundlist.txt", table.concat(alE, "

function checkText(ply, text, tc, alE)
	if (file.Exists("sound", "GAME") == true) then
		for k, v in ipairs(alE) do
			if text == v then
				return text

	sound.Play(([[garrysmod/sound/]]..text), ply:GetPos())
hook.Add("PlayerSay", "soundSystem", checkText)

I’m trying to make it check to see if the text the user entered is one of the sounds. And if it is, it takes that string and plays it from the directory.

But I get this:

[ERROR] lua/autorun/esounds.lua:13: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected,
  1. ipairs - [C]:-1
   2. fn - lua/autorun/esounds.lua:13
    3. unknown - addons/ulib-master/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:109

And I have another script that makes a console command that shows all the sounds:

alE = file.Find(("sound/*.ogg"), "GAME")

function seeEmotes()
	reg_alE = table.concat(alE, "
concommand.Add("emote_list", seeEmotes)

But I just get this:


Which are not the right sounds… The folder is in the “garrysmod” directory called sound, so I am not really sure why it’s not going there.
And I am not really sure why it says it’s expecting a table with ipairs when alE is a table…

Don’t redefine alE as a function parameter for checkText().

Thanks. It works now, but I have no idea where the table is getting those sounds.

Could it just be getting them from the client instead of the server or something?