Playing styles

Hi all; I’ve been playing for a week and wanted to share some thoughts on playing styles.

My style:

  • I play alone and I watch out a lot
  • I don’t build big houses
  • I keep a few (3-4) well-hidden shelters in different mountains, in hard to find/hard-access places
  • I spread my loot between those shelters to compartmentalize in case one of them gets looted
  • when I get killed, I stock up from the shelters and quickly get back on track

In contrast, most people seem to:

  • gang up, move together carelessly, use lights at night
  • build huge houses/fortresses that are visible from miles
  • store all their loot in said houses
  • cry loudly when then get raided/glitched/hacked overnight and lose days of work

I’m not saying mine is the one true way to play, but I honestly think it leads to less grief and less wasted time.

More generally, I think this game is very enjoyable provided you hedge your bets smartly.
If you spend a week building a metal skycrapper only to find it has been completely looted overnight, no doubt you’ll feel angry.
Instead, for example, if you first seek find weapons/items and research them, and you store backup loot here and there so you can get to it after you’re killed, then dying isn’t so problematic, so it’s less wasted time for things you won’t get back.

Bottomline: if you stay lean, the return on investment of time vs joy is bigger.

My own current goal is to loot the living fuck out of the house of some assholes who pissed me off.
I still can’t make C4, but I can make grenades, so I’m working towards 40-50 grenades so I can bust up all their doors and raid them overnight.
This requires lots of sulfur and metal, which I get mining rock, raiding smaller shelters, and killing players in leather for their resources.
I do this on a PVP server, so I do it without a speck of remorse :slight_smile:
Though thinking about it, I should probably rather farm zombies for blueprints until I can make C4.

I REALLY enjoy the feeling of danger knowing that if you’re seen, you’re as good as dead.
When I encounter other people or when I run into hidden shelters/houses, I get an adrenaline kick and my mouth gets dry.
The only other game I remember that gave me such engrossing immersion was DayZ, but fuck that buggy POS, Rust is survival done right.

I take a lot of precautions:

  • I make sure I’m not seen or followed
  • I turn off music and use good headphones, mind my footsteps’ noise and keep alert for other footsteps
  • I mind my clothes color and how they contrast with terrain (fucking hate kevlar’s color but I guess that’s on purpose)
  • I keep to the mountains and avoid fields/roads
  • I never use lights at night; I just wait out the darkest time, and I use darkness as cover to raid or to go on fields
  • when I do cross fields or when I’m working down a door with the pickaxe, I constantly scan the horizon looking for players

IMHO people shouldn’t get on PVP servers unless they’re willing to go to these lengths, and unless they EXPECT to get utterly raped on sight for their resources. Mining for stuff in fields is tedious and dangerous.
I do help out clueless nudes with food, but that’s as far as I go.

Anyway, brain dump over. Thoughts?

Very good, this is what I do when playing as well. I always laugh at the people who complain about losing everything for the exact reason you stated- THEY BUILD THEIR BUILDINGS THE THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING RESOURCE FIELDS - XD

Metal skycrapper?

I play in a group and build our base bigger and stronger as my group goes out to rape and pillage the map. I’ll come along on raids to provide overwatch but I’m a builder at heart, not a fighter. I also like to grief people’s houses by building on them and spike walling the doors. I also like stealth kills and stalking my prey once my group’s base is built up. I always play either rogue or engineer classes in other games, like the Spy and Engineer in TF2 or the Sentinel and Engi in Tribes.

Bear in mind that I personally only play one of the official non PVP server.

I keep to myself
If things are going badly and its still daytime, I suicide until it puts me at a spot where I can at least score some raw meat
I try to build a room in an out of the way place
If I have extra stuff and people are civil about it I give handouts as its PvE and all
I only will kill sleepers if I am desperate for supplies and everything else is going badly(not complaining, but people haven’t been the same towards me with that regard)
If I break into someone’s place, I don’t take everything and even put replacements doors in crates(if we could write notes I’d throw in a apology note too)

Again, I only use this playstyle on PvE. I have yet to really play on any “normal” servers myself. My history says otherwise as my brother has a “revenge” list a mile long(even though it still comes up my SteamId).

Vigilance, Patience, Stealth

Lone wanderer style! I’m diggin’ it too.

Lone sociopath class for the win :slight_smile:

Mostly if they buid near my shelters and I fear they could wanter and find my stuff, as a way to discourage them from staying.
Too bad you can’t set spikes right in front of a door; at best you have to use two in a triangle.

And yes, houses right in the middle of a field, or next to mountain bases? For shame.

And yet there are those out there who claim you can’t play this game solo…good post.

One thing I try and remember is don’t stock up, and use my crap. Wear it out and loose it, it’s better than somebody taking it while your asleep.

i personally like building with a group, and making huge fortresses. But with these said fortresses, we make everything metal. And a Giant wall going around our Base made of Metal Foundations. We put Spike at the top of the Metal Foundation walls preventing people from building over it. I think we have had someone attempt raid us 2 times only breaking 2 walls wasting 6 C4 just on the first set of walls.
Estimated 80 C4 to break into the house and get the goodies at the top of the base. That’s also if we aren’t on and defending. We have 4 Sniper Towers that are only accessible from inside the fortress.

I don’t even use houses for storage. I just build one near my hideout to cook stuff. All my stuff is out in the open up for the grabs but 'till now I’ve never been “raided”. Houses are overrated.

I would really like to see a screenshot if it were possible Jabe. It sounds really cool!

some like to play lone wolf, some like to play inn group or even community, I played in community and build a big ass fortress, without the c4 dupe hack, or no clipping hack even hacker cannot bust through, and we actually build it in the center of resource spot albeit a bit hidden, but yeah you can see it from miles away, despite that, a well made fortress can make you “live” even againts hacker, yes they will aimbot you, yes they will shoot through wall, but as far as my experience, they never be able to bust through more then 2-4 metal door and most likely they bust trap door

everyone has their own playstyle and no playstyle should be enforced, just play the way you like it, that is a sandbox game

Well, if you were to be really pragmatic the OP’s way would probably be the best. But it’s a lot of fun building a big base, and challenging raiders to come get you. You gotta remember, if you do get raided, you can kill them and take their stuff.

Plus I wouldn’t have the patience to run back and forth between different shelters. :stuck_out_tongue:

me and my clan have like 8 fortresses. 2 of them are full metal and you need about 120 c4 to get into the loot room. Additionally our loot is spread in the houses and spread to the different fortresses. There are often raiders trieng to get into our base and sometimes they manage to blow up some wooden walls and have access to some of our lesser loot, but this is no Problem.
I usually team up with my clan i never go far away alone and we never wear full kevlar when raiding.
So i think team up is best way to play rust