Playing with 100ms, teleporting players/animals

This is hapening since last weekly update

if latency gets higher, the problem gets even worse… teleporting in steps of 10 to 20 meters away each jump.

im gona add more videos to show how is to play after the last patch…
i cant believe nobody has reported this yet…

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and another one…

yes, no response of any of on this?
Im the only one that noticed the lack of smothing on character positions?

Maybe graphic lag?, maybe machine (server) lag?.

I see players with more than 130ms on my server and no have lag.

You can install a auto high ping kick on your server.


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its not related to video lag… its something introduced in the last patch.
I wish i had the old client to record a video to show you the difference…

Im from Argentina, i play on a France hosted server (i know its not the best) with 300-400ms latency
And before last patch i had no problems aiming to moving targets, as they were smooth moving tru the space…
Now they move like they have some sort of epileptic episode… and even worse, everyone in the server knows about the issue and they abuse it jumping and crouching while escaping… so its nearly impossible to aim to anyone.
I tried this in many servers, even DEV servers… the problem is not my computer, I’ve seen this in all kinds of setups.

servers I play on are usually around 80-100ms and Ive never seen anythign like that occur , Id ask if it happening to other people on the server as well.

its happening to everyone i spoken.
it doesn’t hapen to people that play localy… from 0 to 100ms… but anyone that plays with more than that, it makes you want to tear your eyes out.
If this doesn’t even get acknowledge ill ask for a refund, and encourage everyone to do it…
maybe some quick fix they introduced, but i have’nt read a word about fixing it…
so we are all secluded to play on servers with low ping, wich may not be the ones were our friends play… (my case)