Playmodel from Ragdoll - Paid Request (30$+, serious work)

Hello there!

I’m looking for someone who is willing to create a proper ValveBiped rig from one (and more for further jobs, if your willing) of the ragdolls in this pack: MMD Misc (
Anyway, I’m willing to pay about 25$ for this job. I’m trying it myself but I could need one professional rigged model, so I’m looking for a pro’s work.

Here are the requirements:
- Clean and professional rigging and weightmapping to ValveBiped. No ugly parts in the mesh, etc. Please no hands that look like you hold a grenade too long.
- viewmodel hands

If you say that the original convert to gmod is crap and you would prefer to work with the original MMD model, I can also send you that. Price can be talked about.

Payment can be made via verified paypal account. I would prefer 50 % before and 50 % after finished work and proof. Please also give me some reference of your previous modelling work. Again, I need someone who knows 3d modelling software, I can do compile, qc, lua scripts, etc. myself.

tfw taking MMD playermodel requests seriously.

oh god im sorry i couldn’t resist

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It’s a model request nonetheless. I think that’s serious enough.

It’s not even a model request, it’s a playermodel request. It would be understandable if he wanted a model made from scratch, but simply making a ragdoll to a playermodel? Come on.

Heck, as soon as I get back from college finals tomorrow I could probably do this in 20 minutes for free.

Thanks for your replies.

SergerantJoe, are you serious that you would do that for free? It would be much appreciated if you could take your time to do this and I’ll surely pay you something afterwards. I know there are tons of guys posting “CAN I HAZ PLEYERMODL ?! WILL PUT ON WORKSHUP UNDER MAH OWN NAME!!” and I don’t want to look anyway like them.

Also, are you sure it’s only 20 min work? This will need rigging, just adding the animations to qc file does not work. The bones have Valve names but aren’t right for the animations.

If it’s already rigged there’s no need to redo it, just rename/reparent the bones. That’s what I did for my SD models and they look fine.

The only problem you might have with that is the SD models at least have human proportions whereas anime models have doll proportions. Lots of MMD models are 90% height in the legs. Either way, I just found you can use delta animations to basically use your own proportions and height while still using the playermodel skeleton.

(This again)

Anyway, this is just a delta animation of the skeleton after being shifted around appropriately. If you can actually rename the bones in that model and get away with it but run into some stretching / squishing on the legs and torso, shoot me a quick friend request and I’ll explain this a little more. If not I’ll see if I can make a quick post in the ports thread or something after a little more experimenting.

Thanks again for your replies

I’m sorry, but I have no idea how to to this. I’m a complete noob on 3d modelling. So far, the only thing I can do is decompile and add the animation files to the .qc. I don’t have any 3d software (only tried XSI modtool, in combination with this guide, but that crap always crashed). Would have to use inofficial ways to get something like 3d max…


Oh, thought your name was familar, didn’t got that you’re the creator of those models, really awesome work! They even have viewmodel arms, which is very rare. Wish you could take a look at my request.
And yes, all the models (that I tested) are really out of proportions and look like neck-less mutants. Until now I’ve been using PAC 3 to move the bones, which looked almost alright (besides the fact that I was to lazy to try the fingers). But know I want a real model for at least one (or maybe two) model(s), because I want to use them as NPCs, with animation tool and - that would be great - with hands in first person.

Oh, dang, he’s right.

I can still try it, but there might be some really weird stretching.

Please try, can’t be worse then any results I got.