hello I had one question Why is the Playrust site down and when will it be posted.

Thanks for anwsering

Site is not down and haven’t been down.

How Do I fix it?

have you restarted your computer?
are you using a proxy?
do you have a shit isp?

I migt have a shit ISP and Might be using proxy ill find out later I use xfinity for my internet

Don’t you see this ?

this game is down bro

So it is down and its not just for me?

No Im not Using Proxy and No I don’t have a bad ISP

just a guess here… but… perhaps its just down for maint? the game i mean, and not the website cuz i’m on it as we speak… not that it did me much good, lol. still no key. and i have a feeling they’re fine with that. lol.