is the webside down, or is it just me…?

It’s not just you, looks down from here.

Indeed it is…

looks like the script kiddies found a new target, fuck i hope these dumb shits get thrown in jail and raped repeatedly

A little excessive.

I cannot get my server started…its new so its waiting on the website maybe?

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not rly. this dude ruined like 3 nights in a row of mine. I got in a fucking fight with my gf to play…only to hit refresh a thousand times and pull my hair out. plus seriously fuck the French man. I used to say no French people are cool don’t say fuck the French…and now after having gone to France, I fucking hate them. they are all shithead faggot assholes. I honestly don’t know a better description. throw dushbagel fuckface shitstain in there somewhere. I dunno im high as fuck and prolly gonna get banned. peace. MURIKA!!!

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we really need a lawyer to take a look at what these guys are doing is illegal because if it is this guys need to go to jail for attacking this game and also we should get the police involved if it is illegal because Rust did nothing to deserve this. The people who are attacking are probably idiots who say the game is stupid and don’t understand that its in Alpha.

Yep it’s down, just like Germany 2 has been all day. Maybe those two are connected.

Honestly no, i dont believe thats possible unless germany 2 is hosted on same server box is a great place to check this.