Okay, has anyone purchased a rust dedicated server through these fucks yet? WARNING IF YOU DO THEY WILL DELAY YOUR SERVER TIL THE LIGHT OF DAY WITH NO COMPENSATION.

Im US bought a US Medium dedicated Rust server from them and on day 7 with my server still pwnding whilr payment has been paid. Ive ranted and raved to there shit tier customer support whichi suppose to be live chat but is always offline and/or closed so you gotta email and hope the pricks return your email and if they do they basically give you a wank and say “itll be up when its up, problem? <insert trollface here>”.

Why Facepunch, why the fuck didnt u just go with NFOservers or like a normal smart gaming company does?

Im 60 dollars short feeling like a dumbass while they are 60 dollars richer with a server that it seems ill never fucking see the light of day on. Do not fucking buy your server through you will be scammed.

You sound like a real dickhole, I wouldn’t want to be on your server anyway :v: may as well give it up.

Oh man im an asshole alright its not like i dont have a valid reason to rant and warn possible other players about being scammed by a server company that does not provide you the gameserver/product you properly purchased with hard earned money you may have made. I mean, MAN i must be such a huge dickhole for letting everyone know to use another server provider so they dont lose a possible 40 euros to 60 usd on a possible scam.

Gr8 B8 M8 ill give it a 8/8 fuckhead

It’s your colorful language that makes you sound like a dickhole, the warning was excellent and useful, but everything else just makes you sound like, well, like a dickhole. When I read it, I imagined it to be like one of those 10-year olds on YouTube ranting about something that displeases them greatly, the kind where they end up screaming uncontrollably and in tears by the end.

Wow… this thread is just Choc full of tact, grace and community love :suicide:

Im going to assume your some super sensitive guy with alittle SJW and autism thrown in the mix to spice things up.
What does my language have to do with getting the message across? Here ill answer it for ya, it doesnt. It has nothing to do with how the message is relayed it just shows my emotions towards being scammed out of 60 follars and showing possible future rust server owners not to make the mistake i did or you will be just as pissed and feel pretty dumb as well. I get it tho man you cant just take helpful information you gotta put your autistic social justice bullshit into everything for attention and shitpost to push some dumbass agenda bc you need some importance. I understand bro oh sorry do you prefer “proper pronouns” when answering you?

Ladies and gentlemen lurking: I rest my case.

He is right, the warning is great. Calling people autistic just shows what a dickhead you are.

Wow… and you just continue to dig your hole deeper. Seriously… Good luck trying to get anyone to play on your server when it’s finally online.

And here comes the cavalry~ :v:

so im a dickhead because some shitposter decided to push his agenda of “hurtful words” in this thread when they were directed at no one and was clearly stated as a Rant? Good job guys, The Tumblr is strong in this thread.
You know what? Lets make a thread to have a poll on the rempval of all harmful words that we deem unnessecary and to establish a rule that states any and all curse words or “harmful words” will result in a instaban while we are at it. I mean, lets not leave this agenda in this thread guys we gotta e-feminize the entire forum here bc cursing hurts so many people its just do harmful i think ill need to see a psychiatrist to help me get through the yrama that has been placed on me from the harmful words ive said in my thread starter.

Mfw you really are taking it seriously, mindblown

Dude, calm the hell down, you are going to make me choke on my dinner with laughter. And quit spouting those god-awful memes, this isn’t 4chan, this is Facepunch. Also for the record, mfw is supposed to be accompanied by a reaction image, or “mfw i have no face.” at least use it properly.

>stating that your literally shitposting about how i worded the thread starter because it was too “hurtful” for you to read instead of properly adding to the thread in a conductive way.

pick one asshat

>using mfw to state my mind is blown even endi g it with mind blown

fuck off back to Shit Reddit Says or Timblr bro no one is buying your social justice bullshit in this thread.

Alright, I am done replying before you shit your pants or something, just know that this is not the way to handle it, take up your complaint with, terminate the service, PM garry or one of the devs about your experience, and go from there. Lurk mode activate :zoid:

You really shouldn’t be bringing this to light until you’ve had a chat with them saying where you’re at in terms of going public, it’s really unprofessional on both sides. Try to get your refund then go with Multiplay, they’re doing gameservers now. On another note you seem like a asshole so I really don’t care if you lose $60 coming out of this.

It aint the swearing or the anger that offends me…

It is your complete lack of Grammar, Spelling, English skill, and above all else… Your lack of the ability to properly structure a sentence…

But apparently im autistic ( among other things ) so maybe thats the problem huh??

That’s what I was trying to tell him, you can’t automatically start ranting about a provider just because they don’t work for you. I have hosted for CS:S for a couple years (stopped last year on account of CS:GO) and my provider was very unstable in performance every now and then (got what I paid for though!) I emailed them, said “Hey guy, what’s going on, you said you had 99% reliability” He said “Hey sorry man, we’ve had [insert some technobabble here] and some other problems, we will have things fixed within a couple weeks!” All it takes is a calm email requesting details on what is going on, and they will get back to you. No doubt OP went and was like “you cumstained shitsmears, where is my server? I will rape you with my asscock”

Oh im sorry i didnt know i needed proper grammar and sentence structure on an internet forum board for you to read something. Lets just add that to the list of agenda’s we should push so that facepunch moderators understand that we need to punish people for nothing following what you think is proper grammar or posting. Man, while we are sitting here shitposting some more because, you know, fuck the topic and warning of this thread right? I mean you guys dexided to miss the point of the thread and focus the fact that i was cursing too much for you guys not to be tramatized by and now its not proper enough for you to accept as well. I mean hell, We really need to just keep nit picking and looking for shit to get more attention because who are we kidding? You gotta feel privileged or special in every thread you post in guys.

Congrats, I mean im glad I have you guys around to check my privilege for me and remind me that euphoric retards roam everywhere and not just your typical imageboard/tumblr.

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Well, This was already addressed by both and facepunch staff in a calm understanding manner…The problem was that they dont care. Hench the rant warning of the server provider until Social justice warriors decided to shit it up to hell

May we please have a look at this calm understanding message to facepunch and

What? Why i screencap my emails with possible information like receipts order ids possible log in informations personal emails and more for everyone to see?

This was days before this rant ive been in constant contact hell i even linked them there wiki stating the server is up in minutes and that was thrown out the window due to them deciding when a server box will be rdy not the wiki which was blatent false advertisement. I contacted facepunch but theyre response was to contact for server issues. I was hoping NFO would have rights to rust servers yet since i use them for minecraft bf4 gmod servers and more. Sadly im stuck with these guys who supposedly represent facepunchs offical server host. Its quite frustrating