PlayRust.EU Server Hosting - US and Central EU - Dedicated Core, 250+ Slots and more goodies!

Hey everyone,

time to make a proper thread for our server hosting! Welcome to PlayRust.EU, your High Quality Play Rust Server provider. PlayRust.EU is a website ran by Ideal-Hosting, a internet service provider running several websites and hosting services for Games. We’ve been the **first server provider **thats why we’ve been hosting rust since 12th October 2013. In advance, we’re partners with Facepunch Studios.

We’re not ‘some’ server provider hosting rust servers - we’re all gaming enthusiasts and Rust players from the first hour. Enough blabla, let’s show what we got!

Short facts:

  • At least 2 dedicated GHz per gameserver, often 3+ GHz.
  • At least 2 GB RAM.
  • 250+ Slots included
  • No branding required
  • Knowledgebase, 24/7 technical support
  • Ability to download DEV and Stable versions via our control panel
  • Both US and Central EU locations!
  • No stock limit. Fast provisioning. Usually under 24 hours.

Check out **our plans **here:
And contact us here to purchase:

We also have a Rust Status Page where you can see the PlayRust.EU Server status.

Accepted payments:

This post will be updated regularly.

We currently have some US servers on stock. A new EU node is already on the way.

Good Morning,

US servers in stock again. Also, please give us feedback if you’re currently a customer :wink:

I have a server at Ideal-Hosting [PVE]Care Bear[PVE] and have had 100% up-time & no lag !
so far this server has been good for the players, and no complaints so far…
I also put a ticket, to wipe the server due to some grievers building on the entire hanger,
and they (Ideal-Hosting) showed me how to load a new map and use the sav. files,
very quick responses from them too !

Thank you for the positive feedback! :slight_smile: We really appreciate it. We continuously work on improving our services.

You can now order directly on the Page! No more creating tickets.
Some servers are provisioned instant.

Very good and trustworthy host.

EU node hardware should come in tomorrow, we’ll have more EU servers set up by Friday at the latest.

And once again, more US servers in stock!
They should be setup within minutes if you order today :slight_smile:

Hey, I bought yesterday a EU Server, can I setup the server today? Which would be awesome!


as communicated to you, the server will be setup within 2-3 days. Next EU should go up tomorrow. We’ve received the new hardware and setting up that beast today.

Best Rust Hosting

Please note: A server update is required. Mail is being sent to everyone.

Just had my first need for support , must say im impressed. issue was solved straight away. Kudos for the skype support!

Hey all,

The new EU node is being set up today. Should have those servers up and running sometime today or tomorrow.

Where can i purchase a US server ?? i only see EU packages for gmod.

(User was permabanned for this post ("troll alt" - postal))

New EU Server is online since yesterday. This is the time to get an EU server if you want one!

Got a new US server up, both EU and US servers are in stock now.

As it was requested a lot, we’re lookign into offering clan-pay options.

We do have some EU servers in stock at the moment. Order now before you have to wait again.