- What gives?

Okay, so on Monday, I paid for my server, knowing full well that it would take UP TO 3 days for my server to become active (worst case scenario). Here we are on Wednesday. 3 days will have gone by at 1:30pm Thursday. Fine, right? Not really. I’ve received very little communication from these guys, and when I try to inquire them with server status info of ANY kind, their live support is offline and/or I’d have to sit and wait in a queue for 2 hours when I am only the 4th person in the queue at the time. Still, I should be fine right? Well no, because if I sit there and wait for the 2 hours, 1 or 2 things happen. I’ll get down to number 1 in the queue, or worst case scenario, I am kicked from the queue entirely and have to resubmit my information, and wait ANOTHER two hours, since I seem to be at number 4 in the queue again!

Now, after some investigating, I found server status for their game servers, it currently reads “unknown(more words than this but this is the gist of it) status”. If this is any indication of how they are going to charge customers immediately, but not provide the service we paid for (Yes I’m aware that the game is in Alpha and there will be bugs, this is not the point I’m trying to make), how exactly would I go about cancelling my “contract” with them and getting a refund? None of this is clearly stated on their website, on how to go about asking for a refund. Emailing them is out of the question, as I’ve read a few horror stories about that. Specifically their “2 hour response time” claim is absolute bullocks according to some people I’ve talked to. Email also sometimes gets redirected from one end to another, nor is any of my information secure through email, and I’m pretty sure that the email service they provide is NOT 24/7. If it is, I would be impressed, but it would also raise the question of why their live support is always offline. If they have staff working 24/7 to answer email, wouldn’t it be much quicker (you’d think) to answer queries via live chat?

I’ve no idea how big the company is, but if they can put a claim up that they answer emails within 2 to 3 hours, any time of the day, it must be somewhat big, no?

So, my question to end this is, do I wait until the third day passes and try for an email response, or do I keep trying to access their live support, on the off chance that I’d get to speak to someone? Your thoughts?