caves not showing

I cant seem to display caves anymore on the maps on this site. Anyone else expirenced this?


This has nothing to do with FacePunch. Posting this here is pointless, neither FacePunch or anyone on this site can help you, post this on the oxide forums.

Ofcoarse I understand that Facepunch cannot help me with this. Do you see me asking for this?
I was just wondering if the community was seeing the same, or if I had done something wrong.
Leisher confirmed that it was an issue, so the post was indeed not pointless.

Once again, you would’ve been far better off posting this on oxide.

Config json has a list of objects which won’t be shown. Caves by default. It has to be changed by server’s admin.

It’s better this way.

Well theres another website showing rustmaps that still shows the caves… just google it. Its a problem on’s side.

Type oxide.reload RustIO to update your extension, it is working fine for my server, and as said above, make sure your config does not hide caves.

ur so nice

Better than everyone hitting the maps running to a cave. Caves are weak and bugged find them yourself

Caves are indeed a little bugged, but you won’t find a better place to settle in the first 24-72hrs of a reset. So little ressources are needed to have a 10+C4s deep base. In the long run, you’re better off with a large honeycombed base, but you’ll get that one faster if you start off in a cave base :slight_smile: That’s what my crew does every reset now.