PlayRust Servers

While I was looking up user hosted servers for rust I came across this stupid ass website they want people to rent servers for (149.99 monthly basic server) and (249.99 monthly ultra server).
If you all wish to rent servers $20 monthly is more fair you wish to protect your data and thats why the prices are so high don’t rent out the servers then. your over priced and you might get
a couple of people to rent them but frankly they will be renting to figure out how to give the people info on how to make free servers the game is the best ever made no douth in my mind i
love the game but the server idea and prices are really stupid. and should of never been thought of. but hey I maybe wrong is this is not part of you alls doing just look at this and let me
know with a reply.

And those are Euro’s, try converting them to $ and it gets even more crazy.

I suspect this is a combination of the lack of competition and the fact the game is in alpha which undoubtedly puts more maintenance burden on server hosts (increased number of deployments and wipes compared to a stable, released game).

And increased system requirements.

Why increased system requirements? As the game becomes more developed, I would expect requirements to go UP, not down. While there might be some optimization being left on the table, the fact that they are using a pre-built engine with basic assets means there isn’t likely much ‘optimizable’ overhead that could be cut out.

It’s an alpha, who knows how much times one or other part of the game will be redone, resulting in performance increase.