PlayRust Steam Group

I’d like to introduce a Steam group under the name PlayRust, it is welcome to people who own and do not own Rust.
It can be found Here.
I also have a TS running if your interested make a comment in the group about joining.

Also I do play Rust myself and if anyone is interested in playing with me personally you can add my steam Here.

Thanks for Reading and I hope to meet some new Rust Players.

  • Brian/Reverence

have fun getting that id taken by facepunch studios when they get around to it!

I wouldn’t have a problem with that, might as well get the fan base started right?

Might as well get it started? WTF MAN! you high? Look around it’s already more than a fanbase! It’s a fuckin revolution!

By fanbase I mean a fanbase on the Group. Like get all the people who like rust on it so when garry gets it, it will already have all the people on it.

You mean that you want to have a false sense of superiority because you are the admin of a steam group?

This is just a plan to get himself a key guys

It was removed anyways. :v:

Why do I need a key if I already have an account with a key?


Can you not just be grateful someone is trying to create a steam group for the players of rust. Its not like I can control anyone in the group either.

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I don’t have close enough friends to try this hard to get a key for.

I’m not going to be grateful of someone doing something pointless.

I’m trying to make an easier way of bringing the Rust community together. Did you parents ever tell you “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all”?

you are the one on the bottom

With that name and that picture there is no need to insult you.

Did your parents ever tell you “you’re not in elementary school anymore, life is a bit more complicated than that” or “doing stupid shit will get people mad at you”

Why would you insult me because of my name? My name is pretty clever if you ask me!

And comon my picture is of one of women’s most vital objects, I’m simply showing that I acknowledge that women use tampons because they bleed for their vaginas, I also think you might need a box of tampax too so just a suggestion

This is a gaming forum… not a sexual tips and tricks forum.

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Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home?

i am not parents what are you talking about

Did you just say this was a gaming forum? Ok FYI this isn’t just a gaming forum, there is a hobby section too