PlayRustForum - New Community website! [Latest News, Give-Aways and a lot more!]

Wait, so you’re posting on the Official Rust forum about some other Rust forum?
We already have one, no need for another.

inb4 locked and banned

(User was banned for this post ("Meme reply" - Craptasket))

Looks interesting, Will surely check out

Someone went to a lot of trouble just to get some keys…loool

The Game Trust? Wait what, am I reading this right?

I’ll take my words back if only people with the alpha-key can join.
Beggar free forum is more than welcome.

I already have access to the Game, this is not to get a Key what so ever. Just supporting the game.

Well that doesn’t make any sense, “… a brand new Community website for Trust the game.” Wat :pwn:

Why is this forum copyright? I sure hope Garry knows about this.

Fast typing doesn’t make your topic better… haha, just edited thanks for the hands up!

Okay so clearly this is fake, the kid can’t even type.

I personally like the idea, and am heading over there now. I feel like the mods are harsh, for obvious reasons, but it’d be nice to to not see new members dropping like flies lol.

what kind of giveaways?

Give-aways will be announced when the site is completely up and running!

When exactly will that be? So I know when Garry will take it down.

Ill join now if you post a ref contest reward being keys. Ill reffer couple people and win.

how do people already have keys?

Giveaways and sometimes on the rare occasion Garry hands them out to the public.

OT: Looks really awesome website. Will definitely be checking this out in the near future.

There is already a Rust forum: you’re on it. Also, any info that is needed is on the Rust wiki. This website is completely unnecessary.

Why is this even needed? We already have this forum.