Playstation 3 Slim

I did this little thing as modeling practice, took a few 6 hours, modeling, texturing, compiling all that jazz. The PS3 model I had, a fat one, wasn’t very good. So I figured I’d do a new one, a Slim. Good practice.

I know there are some inconsistencies in the geometry and the UV map, but this was one of my first models. In the future, I’ll pay better attention to these before releasing anything.

For now, use and enjoy.
Oh, if you use it for anything, feel free to send me a link. I’d love to see what you’ve done.

Nice, downloading :smile:

ahahaha, nice comic for the model.

I was going to say that but I noticed Nexus here said it already :v:

Great comic, nice model!

Why can’t more people make comics for their releases?

Either way, nice model.

DAH! Nice work comrade.

A very nice model, and I love the fact that you included a promo comic.

That little extra effort goes a long way.

Oh also I found a controller in this pack, I didn’t wanna include it in the download 'cuz I didn’t make it.

Sexy model

Hard to find good games these days.

Also, does it include controllers?

in b4 lol console war.

Nice work on the model, actually. It’s a bit big, though.

I hate ps3, so Scott Shelby is a killer.

You might wanna put that in spoiler tags. People who haven’t played the game aren’t gonna like that.

So sexy.

How about PS3 Dualshock 3™ controllers?

I’m surprised no one has said no games yet

no games yet