Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta

i was told in order to extract models from PSASBR i needed the Beta and to extract or convert certain files, but how do i get the Beta on my pc, i cant find any downloads, and it wont let me transfer anything from my ps3 to any device to transfer to my pc, anyone know how to do this, i wanted to get the rest from the beta like Kratos, Hades, Captain Qwark, Buzz, Fat Princess etc

I’m not sure if you realize you’re asking for illegal material.

ripping/extracting from or hosting roms or isos of video games itself is illegal -_-

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modding consoles is illegal, emulators to play roms or isos is illegal, so why is this any different

Although ripping/extracting from video games can be seen as illegal (some companies honestly don’t give two shits as long as the content remains free or even encourage the use of their content in free fan-made projects), providing something that would be considered as pirated content on Facepunch (such as the beta copy for PS All-Stars) is against the rules. You’re pretty much asking for a complete game so that you can try ripping from it, which honestly can’t be provided here since it would be considered as piracy; you’ll have to look elsewhere. The only reason that models being ripped/extracted from games is different from providing people with entire games is because of the fact that the models aren’t being included with the full game.

On top of that, I really don’t think Sony cares if content is ripped from the games they publish, so long as there’s no profit being made off of it. It still comes down to the developing company’s stance as well, but Sony seems to be okay with it as long as no profit is being made from the game. Link for reference.

i dont believe some of that is true either, facepunch is basically full of illegal shit, and the short time ive been on here no one wants to help for shit on anything, model ripping, helping me in trying to rip/extract, texture issues, ive basically help more than i get any help back, so i guess the saints row 4 pack i was going to release im keeping private, the banjo kazooie nuts and bolts models are never being released now, no one wants to help with any of the projects or issues im having with anything, besides this post, so im not helping anyone else on here either, might aswell have someone ban my account , because the next posts by me will just be flaunting the fact i have ragdolls/models etc that others dont have for the sake of flaunting them as most do in here XD

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i wasnt asking anyone to directly post it or even link it, just asking how i can obtain it myself

You do realize that not everyone in this section is actually capable of helping you extract/rip models, right? The fact that you’re now pulling the “I guess I won’t release my own personal rips because you guys won’t help me!” card just shows that you’re obviously not aware of that fact. There’s only a small handful of people in this section that can legitimately help you with some of the things you ask, so throwing a hissy fit and saying you’re not going to release things you probably don’t have won’t be any incentive to get people to actually help you.

As for this bit here:

Considering that even discussing the methods you can go through to obtain it would be considered ban-worthy (at least from what I’ve seen in a few threads around the site), it’s not a subject that people are going to actually bother with since they don’t want to be banned.

i dont believe that either, i just literally signed up for facepunch a month or week ago, i dont remember exactly what date, but havent been on here long and already can rip from gamecube, wii, ds, 64, psp, and 360 games before i even signed up, there are literally tons of people daily on here releasing ragdolls and models, maps, weapons etc left and right, so yes im pulling that, because if hardly no one on here can do more advanced things than i already can i dont need anyone on here to help with anything after all

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face and finger posing

Good for you, you have skills that a lot of people around this section don’t have and end up relying on others that do have those skills to make their released ports even happen. But again, only a small handful of people around here actually seem to have the skills to rip/extract from games on those consoles/devices. Everything else usually ends up being a model hack or made from scratch from what I’ve seen, so I don’t really see where you’re going with this.

So just because there are people who are actively working on content and releasing things from time to time on this site (some of which is either made by scratch or using content that was already ported some time ago), that automatically makes you assume that you have the right to try and wave things over other people’s heads in order to make them help you? Yeah, good luck with that.

If that’s the case, then why are you even here discussing this? People are usually more willing to help when they actually know how to do something or know that providing assistance/information won’t get them banned. Considering that you’re asking for help with involves the latter, that’s not gonna happen unless the person is stupid enough to do so.

I can see that you’re trying to make a point with this, but I honestly don’t see how that has any holding over people helping you around here.

i dont expect any anymore, just showing what i did and was going to release eventually, that you said i probably dont have, so just showing i do infact have them, people said extracting models from that game before was impossible, obviously not, but there are people in here that rip from ps3, and others i dont know how, and will not help for shit, mostly even ignore messages on deviantart, even seeing that they’ve been read. anyways there is the impossible banjo model

The reason I said you didn’t have it was because there were (and still are) people who tend to say they have something when they don’t. Since you actually seem to have something, I’ll at least apologize in that respect, but my point still stands about you just flaunting the models around as a way to get any help. I also don’t remember seeing anyone stating that it was impossible to rip/extract content from that game, so I was left to assume that nobody had any interest in it. Kudos to proving whoever said it wrong, I guess.

As for people not responding to your messages on deviantArt, I’m pretty sure that’s a common thing in general for that site based on experience. There usually aren’t that many people who will willingly respond to others that make random requests on that site from what I’ve experienced there, and the few that do usually want some form of payment, so I wouldn’t really rely on sending messages to others via deviantArt.

And as for people “not helping for shit” when it comes to ripping from PS3, my statement still stands that not many people fully understand how to do that around here (in fact, I think it was either just last year or the year before that people figured out how to rip from MGS4 and a few other PS3 titles, so that just goes to show how many people around here actually know how and actually can rip from PS3 titles). There are sites that are actually dedicated to providing all of the necessary information to allow people to rip content from various titles on a majority of the consoles available today, but Facepunch doesn’t happen to be one of them (hell, we only have a few guides here and there around this section); you may want to consider looking around for those sites to get that kind of information if you need it that badly.

i dont make requests on deviantart or hardly at all unless ive already asked how i can do it myself and no one replies, ive offered payments and people get pissed because im “throwing money around” so there are no other options, i dont care if anyone helps me anymore, no one would all that time why would it change lol? dont care anymore honestly, im flaunting them around just to be a dick on purpose, most people on facepunch act the same way as people on deviantart

Hey man sorry I missed your message on DA. I was pretty sure I responded to it.
You could have messaged me back or something asking me again.
Sorry if I seemed like a dick or something, but this isn’t really the way to act when people don’t help you.
They’re not helping because you want links to a full game ya know.

Anyway if you really want then I can give some links to the raw models if that’s okay to do on here.

Linking to raw models is fine around here, as well as linking to free/open-source tools that assist with ripping/extracting content. It’s only when you’re linking to things that normally have to be paid for (such as full versions of certain modelling programs or full copies of games) that it’s actually a problem.

the beta was free, you never had to pay for the beta demo, so again, why is that different

The beta may have been free, but the full game itself is not. And since the beta contains content that’s still included in the full version of the game to my knowledge, you’d be better off just getting the full version of the game. Which, as I just stated, would be a problem since you’d have to normally pay for that, and providing links to download the game itself would end up going against the rules around here. Not to mention, but the only available downloads around the web seem to be for full versions of the game, which (once again) leads to the issue about piracy and not being allowed around here.

this post out of all my posts already has the most replies and people attempting to help NOW than any other post ive made on here, because i chose to be a dick instead, so there being a dick does get help better and faster than trying to be nice or helpful.

Umm…no, it really doesn’t help you get help any faster. Being a dick tends to draw attention because people will usually call others out on their attitude or try to talk that person out of the attitude they were throwing at the given time, so being a dick isn’t something you should automatically start doing from the get-go based on this thread alone.

based on this thread it gets people who previously read my messages and ignored, now offering raw model files, even though i dont even care anymore, if they’re posted fine, but im not asking for them directly, my point is thats more help that was offered from being nice

Dude, as I said before I was pretty sure that I messaged you back. Maybe you somehow didn’t get it or I accidentally saved it as a draft or something, I don’t know.

I was offing help to be nice since I like sharing models that i’m able to extract, but if you don’t want them anymore then that’s fine, I won’t wast my time getting all the files.

If you change your mind or if someone else wants the models then I’ll get everything together and uploaded.

Are you able to extract all of the models in the game? I saw that they needed to be edited due to the UV though. I wanted Nariko’s Alternate and possibly some others, but i’m not sure how hard it would be to fix up the UVs :stuck_out_tongue: