Playx 2.6 no longer working, anyone know of a replacement? :D

Basically i need a new server music player for people when they are in my server :slight_smile: I used to use playx 2.6 and it was absolutely perfect but unfortunatly since the last update it no longer works and me and my friends are out of music on our server now :frowning: Any help would be very very much appreciated guys!!! Thank you :D:D:D (for gmod)

You could try WolfDJ

Thank you :slight_smile: Will try it out now, seems a lil complicated but worth a go :smiley:

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Went to the correct thread to download Wolfdj and the url to download it is no longer working with SVN :’( I suppose this just isnt a thing we can do anymore

Make your own, thats what I did.

Well how would i go about doing that?

Are there any other alternatives? WolfDJ is pretty much dead.

I’ve looked over some forums and googled almost everything i could think of and i haven’t found a substitute for playx which is a shame as it was imo absolutely perfect

As far as I understand, it just can’t inject the flash video. One time I even managed to hear the sounds, though I am unable to repeat the process. If there’s someone who knows how to handle this shit, please, do it.

The answer is not always “Make your own”

It varies, using either the handler YoutubePopup or FlashAPI it has issues. Has anyone managed to get PlayX to play non-Youtube media?

I made a thread why this is broken, PANEL:GetHTMLMaterial() returns nil and therefor the drawing of the screen is now BROKEN, sound should work though.

Garry said on twitter he will look into the html-panel issue 8h ago, is it the same you are talking about?

Sound isnt working with the youtube videos unfortunately :frowning:

This new update will also require addons to update to use the new binding for obtaining a “copy” of the panel as a texture.

From what Gary newman posted it would seem there is a possible fix coming early next week.

Thank god. …I mean Garry. :v: